There are few departments in a company that has as many routine processes and procedures as HR. Many of these processes involve every employee in the company, so there’s a lot of redundant work to do. Fortunately, there are options that exist to avoid doing the same work over and over and instead automate your most mundane tasks.

Rubex by eFileCabinet is a document management solution that utilizes automated workflows to put a lot of your routine tasks on autopilot, with minimal user action. In most cases, all you have to do is initiate a workflow, and it takes care of itself. 

Workflows are completely customizable, so you can create one for almost any process involving documents. Here are a handful of examples. 

Interview Workflow 

During the lengthy process of hiring, there can be dozens of candidates that each have a folder of multiple documents that you need to keep track of. If the hiring process involves multiple rounds of interviews, examinations, and verification, then it’s pertinent to keep track of who moves on and who doesn’t, as well as make sure all their documentation moves on with them. 

With an interview document workflow, it’s easy to keep track of which candidate is still in the running. Each candidate that’s entered into the system are sent to the hiring manager with their application and accompanying documents. As they interview and review the applicants, managers can go into the system to approve or reject the candidate in the first round. Approved applicants are sent to the next round for approval, and the rejected candidates are either scrapped or archived. You can also program the system to send a rejection email to the candidates. You can also send an approval message to the candidates moving on. The final picks can automatically be sent onboarding instructions and materials.

Reimbursement Workflow

Much like an accounts payable workflow, you can instruct employees to turn in invoices for work expenses either to you or directly in the system if possible. Once an invoice is placed in the workflow, it’s sent to the appropriate manager or bookkeeper for approval. When an invoice is processed with Zonal OCR, the system is able to detect the dollar amount of the invoice and add it to the document’s metadata. The workflow can be customized to send invoices over a certain dollar amount to a different manager, or if it’s low enough it can be automatically approved to save time. In the event of an approval, the invoice can then be sent to payroll.

Policy Change Workflow

When a company policy needs to be added, updated, or removed from the employee handbook, it’s important to highlight this change to employees and send them a new version. If an edit is made to the handbook, the new version can be uploaded to the system and workflow is initiated. The new version is automatically sent to the company’s executive team for approval. Once it’s approved by all parties, the old version is archived and an updated handbook is emailed to the entire company.

Grievance/Misconduct Workflow

In the event that an employee files a complaint about a coworker or a grievance with the company, a workflow can be designed around the process your company uses to approaches these cases. This workflow is useful for making sure such complaints, grievances, or policy violations are properly recorded, cataloged, and archived. When appropriate meetings or actions take place, the supervisors involved can move the workflow along to the next stages, recording everything along the way. Follow-up date notifications can be attached to documents, and copies of meeting agendas and reviews can be sent to all involved parties. All this information is kept in an individual incident folder which keeps moving along the workflow until it’s closed and archived.

Map Your Own Workflow

As we mentioned before, workflows are completely customizable, meaning you can design one for any process your office deals with often. You can create workflows based on simple conditions and actions to automatically carry out processes you previously had to do manually. These are just a few examples of what Rubex is capable of.

There are plenty of HR-centric applications and services that are focused on accomplishing just one of these tasks, but Rubex is able to all of them. For more information on Rubex, fill out the form below to watch a free demo.