Most HR professionals have dealt with the complications of integrating multiple HR systems. Of course, integrating HR systems is vital to the success of the platforms themselves, but it’s more than just a technical issue: it’s a business requirement. Most people in the HR industry know that integration is key when implementing a new system, but it’s also true that most in this sector don’t always understand the specifics.

They know it must be done, but they leave the how and why to IT and upper management. The reality is that there are many business reasons organizations need their software to be compatible with one another.


Consider the User Experience

There’s no question that it’s simply easier to remember a single username and a single password. When numerous software programs are used, users are more likely to write down their various logins, which can lead to serious security concerns. Using several platforms also increases the chances of duplicate information, which is both a waste of time and a drain or resources.


Improve Data Analytics

Running reports is necessary in the HR world, but in the end they’re only as useful as the data they contain. When all your HR systems are connected, the data will be accurate, without the need for a manual “v-look up”. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, say goodbye to incomplete data, and embrace the advantages of a single platform that can handle all your HR needs.


Make Legal Compliance Easier

HR managers are responsible for many tasks, but one that can be frustrating, difficult, and incredibly costly to get wrong is verifying that employees have taken their required compliance training classes and seminars. When your HR systems aren’t properly utilized and integrated, it’s much harder to track these activities. A document management system (DMS) like eFileCabinet can simplify the process and decrease the chances of error.


Streamline Your Overhead Costs

When HR systems aren’t integrated by software parties or third party firms you work with, then it’s likely to end up on your IT group’s long “to-do list.” This can incur huge costs when your IT department works on integration projects. Not only does this cost capital that could be better spent growing a business, but it can delay the services an HR department is set up to perform.


HR Systems Must Integrate with a Wide Range of Features

As you can see, integrating systems is an essential topic for the HR world to discuss. Professionals in the industry need their systems to integrate with everything from background check providers to benefit administrators, they need to track payroll, time, and attendance, and a lot more! The good news is that there are platforms that can handle it all, and eFileCabinet is here as the document management system (DMS) that can help.


eFileCabinet Can Help You Transform Your Human Resources Program

Working with a DMS leader like eFileCabinet can transform the way your human resources program works. Here are just a few key ways you’ll see a huge difference the day you make the move.

  • Improve operational efficiency thanks to the seamless integration of our DMS into your current HR processes. You’ll improve your organization and boost your productivity from the first day. Our centralized electronic filing cabinet allows HR to respond to both employees and executives more quickly.
  • Boost your security with our built-in architecture that allows companies to maintain compliance with all major human resource and personnel regulations. That list includes the Department of Labor, the IRS, Homeland Security, and eSign, among others. Our platform allows you to add permissions to every level, from cabinets to drawers, and to set role-based security. Plus, built-in audit trails help keep confidential documents safe and secure.
  • Cut down on your paper files by creating digital personnel files that contain everything from employee applications to resumes, I9s, and whatever else you need to file.

There’s no question that poor document management does nothing but make the HR department’s job more complicated. DMS allows you to streamline your workload and cut down on overhead costs—all while ensuring the most secure, user-friendly document management system around. Gone are the days of separate storage facilities for files. Turn to eFileCabinet for your document management solution today.