Business process automation is one of the key elements that makes document management software so much more than file storage. Rubex by eFileCabinet features several tools that take advantage of automation functionality, allowing you to streamline several of your everyday tasks. One organization uses Rubex to automate several aspects of their business.

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is a trade association that represents manufacturers of HVAC and water heating equipment. Lisa Cardinal is the Senior Director of Human Resources for the organization. 

One of AHRI’s primary functions is to administer certifications for member companies’ products. As such, the organization itself must meet the highest compliance standards in order to set its own standards. 

Among Lisa’s many responsibilities, one of her primary duties is to ensure that her department’s records are organized so that they follow strict compliance regulations and are prepared for the numerous audits they receive. 

However, in a filing system that was about 98 percent paper-based, this led to issues of misfiling, people failing to file, and unorganized records. It was common to spend time looking for a lost document, only to find it on someone’s desk. Lisa knew there had to be a change with how they organized their files if they wanted to maintain compliance.

The Solution

Lisa had wanted her department to go all digital for years, as she is always looking into ways to better develop business processes. She and her team looked into several solutions and sat through several demos. In the end, the team could clearly see that Rubex by eFileCabinet provided the security and features they needed. 

“Nobody likes filing, but we need to be able to review for compliance and for auditors.”

After training and implementation, Lisa set up the system around the group’s needs and best practices, which included a new layer of automation to their regular processes. 

The Results

Lisa says that after soft launching the software for the office, Rubex’s automation has completely changed how they do documentation and audits. Automated routing means nothing gets misfiled.

“Automation limits the amount of damage someone can do to the file. It minimizes mistakes when we create a new file. It can automatically create the new folder and name it. Everything is automatically going where they should be. Now everything goes into eFileCabinet. Nothing is sitting on our desktops, both our real desks and computers.”

As the administrator for the office, Lisa has full visibility over the system thanks to document versioning and the audit log. She can make sure things are running smoothly and that each of her team members is organizing things correctly.

“I wanted to be able to know which HR person put what file where. I want to make sure we don’t have bunches of documents waiting to be uploaded.”

With Rubex’s missing document search function, she can look to see what folders are incomplete and whether or not documents are missing. If something that’s supposed to be in the folder isn’t, she can follow up with the team member who was supposed to file it.

More digital documentation means that the time-consuming tasks previously done manually automatically feed into the work that contributes to productivity and growth.

Lisa says Rubex has been invaluable to their office. It saves employees three to four hours a week of filing and retrieving documents, so Rubex does the work of a file clerk without the salary. 

To discover more about how Rubex can start automating your office processes, let’s chat today.