Get Rid of Those Old-Fashioned Filing Cabinets Forever

by Kevin Coles

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Did you know that 80% of documents in filing cabinets will never be needed or retrieved?

Leasing space for your business is a significant cost, so you shouldn’t use this valuable space for filing cabinets with documents that may sit for years unaccessed and unused. You can put that space to better use while saving money, creating efficiencies, and improving security and searching abilities by using eFileCabinet’s document management software. eFileCabinet can give you back the physical space your filing cabinets are taking up. Just imagine what you could use that extra space for.

What is perhaps most remarkable is that there are significant additional benefits of getting rid of those old-fashioned filing cabinets besides just saving space. Document management software greatly increases the efficiency of searching, sharing, and storing documents. You can find a document in a fraction of the time it takes to physically go to a filing cabinet and look for the file.


Here is a list of just a few of the advantages of ridding yourself of physical filing cabinets:

  • Document collaboration
  • Document security and control
  • Reliable off-site backups
  • Lower document management and archiving costs
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Better organization
  • File sharing
  • Enhanced security sharing documents (much safer than email)
  • Saved money on paper, printer, and copying charges
  • Dramatically improved client service and support

Document management systems are clearly the wave of the future. To quote Gartner Research, “What we expect to see is document management will be just like email, where it’s going to be an essential capability that your knowledgeable workers are going to require.”

It is worth the time to investigate how eFileCabinet’s document management software can put you ahead of your competition. Forward-thinking organizations should always find ways to optimize their efficiencies. The reduced time it takes to search, share, and store files while having a safe and secure online backup will impact any organization in a positive way.