There is a wide variety of items that can be shared with friends and relatives via the internet, including pictures, songs, and other personal items. Business owners can send important documents to clients halfway around the world with just a click of the button.

What is the price for this type of instant communication? Security.

The internet is like a giant cesspool for hackers and malicious viruses that could harm irreplaceable documents and expensive computers. Imagine if confidential business files fell into the wrong hands, or if personal information was plastered across the internet by some thoughtless hacker.

How do you share files online securely?

  • Know what you’re downloading:Hackers are notorious for using executable files to invade files. Be wary of files with .exe extensions.
  • Know who is sending a file to you:  General rule of thumb is to never open a file sent to your inbox or anywhere else from an unknown source. If you do open an unknown file, you’re putting your computer and files in jeopardy.
  • Use a reliable  online file sharing  service:  Many companies promise to deliver to keep your files safe at all times, but you’ve got to do your research. Read up on online testimonials and complaints.

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