By Annemaria Duran

This video shows how to bring documents into eFileCabinet through the use of a scanner. There are two main types of scanners: desktop scanners and network scanners. Many desktop scanners now include a TWAIN driver, which allows the scanner to interface directly into other software. The seamless scanning directly into eFileCabinet is shown in this video.

eFileCabinet’s scanning interface allows users to rearrange pages, invert, and rotate documents before saving them. Additionally, documents can have pages added to them prior to the save or be split apart without a PDF editor. This avoids the time and energy usually required when a scanner automatically drops a document into a folder. Typically, dropped documents are given a numeric name, auto batched, and edits, name changes, and the proper storage location all have to be changed by hand. This duplicates effort and triples the time it takes to scan documents.

Network scanners automatically drop documents into a file folder or email the user with a PDF. This demo also shows how to quickly and simply bring those documents in.