At SecureDrawer, we offer 4 different electronic file sharing plans for organizations of all sizes: the Basic, Professional, Premium, and Premium Gold plans. It’s important that you pick the right plan for your company. Here are just a few questions to take into consideration when choosing your SecureDrawer account option:

  1. Number of administrators. Smaller companies typically have one or two decision-makers. However, as your organization grows, more of your staff will need the ability to distribute documents to clients and customers. Make sure no one gets left out of the loop: Each member of your team who deals with the public will probably, at one point or another, need to be able to send information to them securely.
  2. Size of guest user pool. Who will you share documents with? Clients? Customers? Employees? Or will yours be a more domestic account, in which you’ll mostly share with friends and family members? It might be hard to know just how many people you will eventually need to share with. For cases like these, we offer the option for unlimited guest users.
  3. Size and number of files. How large are the files you need to share? If you’re primarily sharing documents through Secure Drawer, you probably won’t need a huge amount of storage space. But if you need to share movies, music, pictures or software, look into getting the largest file storage capacity you can. We offer file storage up to 150 GB—plenty to meet your needs, whatever they may be.