When searching for an affordable, time-saving, long-term solution for storing documents securely, you’ll find that you are in for a big investment. A typical filing cabinet can cost between $500 and $1,000; but if you want to maximize your storage space with something like the Modular Bi-File Sliding Storage System, you can expect to spend quite a bit more. The standard price for this system is around $200 per square foot, and the cost for boxed records is about $150 per square foot.

So if you have 50 square feet of files that you need stored, you would now be looking at an investment of around $10,000 to minimize the storage space your files take up.


Other Costs and Risks

There are locking file cabinets for increased security, but how secure are these files really? What if there was a natural disaster like a flood that ruined your documents, or what if a thief broke in and stole your valuable information? Then there are the time and security issues associated with sharing the file with a client or remote worker. The need for extra security, potential disaster recovery, and sharing of these documents all add to the cost of storing them.


A Better Solution

Luckily for you, there is a better solution than buying file cabinets and investing even more money to keep them secure. That solution is eFileCabinet. This document management software allows you to store, share, and back up all your files digitally at a much more affordable cost. The price is around $45 per user, and you will be able to store an unlimited amount of files.

Additionally, unlike storing your documents physically, eFileCabinet’s backup service is bulletproof, and the sharing of files with clients and remote employees is seamless. By making your office paperless, you will no longer have to worry about a flood, earthquake, or fire destroying critical documents either.

So now that you know that storing your files digitally with eFileCabinet saves time and money and is more convenient and secure. You don’t have to waste your valuable time looking for document storage solutions like file cabinets or other costly storage systems. Fill out the form on this page to have one of our experts contact you about a 15-minute demo of our products.