eFileCabinet’s Human Resources (HR) paperless Document Mangagement System (DMS)

eFileCabinet offers the premier electronic document management system. Integrated with our top rated client portal, SecureDrawer, sharing files has never been easier. Safety is always a concern, eFileCabinet has a 256-bit encryption which is stronger than some online banking sites. eFileCabinet also offers role based security, which prevents users from viewing certain cabinets, drawers, files, and folders upon administrative settings. We offer a document management system them is HIPAA, FINRA, and SEC, compliant to make sure there aren’t any personal health information violations. Along with safety, eFileCabinet is easy to use and transferable. With cloud, desktop, and cloud view platforms, users are able to access their accounts anywhere with an internet connection. To make the document management more personable users can create a cabinet, drawer, folder, and file structure completely unique to them. This can be made into a template and applied other places or completely rearranged in minutes, versus the hours or days this would take with a traditional filing cabinet. Even with a completely organized system you still may forget the location of a document, this is why we have implemented OCR, which allows a search of all or filtered fields to bring up anything that matches the input key words or phrases. You’ll never misplace anything again.