Naturally, you can use SecureDrawer as a standalone file sharing service. But it’s also easy to integrate SecureDrawer into your total Electronic Document Management suite. You can easily upload, manage, backup, and share your files all in one location, without opening and closing different applications. To integrate your applications, there are just two things you’ll need to do:

Create Guest Users from Your eFileCabinet Client Lists

There’s no need to manually transfer clients’ information from one database to the other. Secure Drawer makes it easy to share documents with your clients from eFileCabinet. Here’s how:

  1. In eFileCabinet, select the cabinet of the clients you’d like to invite as guests.
  2. Under the Administration menu, select “Create Guest Users.”
  3. All of the names in the cabinet will appear in the next dialogue box, with the option to specify the email you’d like them to use for login.
  4. Select any other information you’d like to have transferred. The clients will then receive an email, inviting them to share documents with you!

Transfer files from eFileCabinet to Secure Drawer

  1. Select the eFileCabinet file(s) you’d like to send.
  2. Hit “Send to Secure Drawer” on the toolbar.
  3. A dialogue box will give you the option to send the files to whomever you choose.
  4. Select the people you’d like to share it with.
  5. You’ll also have the option to add sticky notes, passwords, or retention dates to the files you’re sending.
  6. Hit “Send Files” and they’ll be off to whoever you chose!