This eFileCabinets online document management system (DMS) software tutorial shows how to create cabinets, drawers, folders and sub-folders. Additionally the tutorial covers how to use templates to create and manage documents within eFileCabinet online.

Because many of our clients deal with sensitive and confidential information, we’ve included security features which allow clients to be HIPAA, FEC, and FINRA compliant. Our online products use 256 bit encryption to keep your documents secure. To give some context, 128 bit encryption, which is used for some online banking websites, is considered “very secure”.

eFileCabinet’s DMS software has helped hundreds of thousands of users organize and manage their documents, forms, and records for a smarter and more efficient business. eFileCabinet online is a cloud based document management and storage system that can be easily accessed from anywhere and is ideal for clients and employees who travel frequently.