In this overview we’ll discuss the role that cloud computing and online sharing plays in document management today, it’s benefits and advantages.


What is Cloud Storage?

When you save files “on the cloud” you are saving them on another network, not in your building, on your computers, or on your network. Saving your data on our servers has its benefits though. We provide encryption and frequent backups, and the data can be accessed quickly from anywhere.


Benefits of Cloud Technology

The first benefit is safety. We use 256-bit encryption which is extremely secure. Most online banking uses 128 bit encryption. While 128 bit is acceptable, ours is about 2000 times more secure. Sharing data with SecureDrawer, our client portal, is exponentially more secure than simply saving a file as an email attachment and sending it that way, there are also no size limitations.
The security measures we’ve taken with our secure portals allows it to be approved by government standards (SEC, FINRA, HIPAA). Industry Compliance is not a risk when using our online tools.


How Can Using the Cloud Increase Profits?

Sharing documents securely online reduces the cost and time spent physically moving documents around. It used to be that documents could only travel as fast as FedEx or UPS could deliver, but now with SecureDrawer and eFileCabinet Online, files can be moved instantly.
Risk is reduced because of our robust security features, and compliance is stress free and easy.
Money is also saved by not needing to pay for and maintain enterprise level hardware and equipment, such as servers, and data centers, which can be prohibitively expensive.


Sharing Files Securely Through the Cloud

Increases Profitability, through providing faster, accurate, access to information. With this speed comes increases revenue, reduces costs, and increases quality perception.

eFileCabinet is centered around helping our clients save time, labor, space, and money. We want to optimize our customers choices and flexibility by providing a cloud storage and sharing option that is both convenient and secure.