Paperless Filing Systems & Productivity: Why eFileCabinet Helps

Paperless filing is one of the most powerful ways to make your company run more smoothly. Relying on physical documents can slow you down across departments, whether it’s human resources or quality control. If your company is in a services oriented field, there are probably very few employees who couldn’t save significant time by using paperless filing systems, giving them more time to use their creativity and improve systems and processes. The paperless filing system is one of the fastest way to enhance an office’s productivity.

One Way Paperless Filing Systems Can Help You Save Time

is by keeping track of employee records. With medical records, insurance forms, work reviews, travel expenses, and every other kind of records, you will become overwhelmed if you rely on tangible paper. By effectively using technology to scan and organize documents, you will no longer have to flip through countless papers, wondering where to begin.

If it’s been too long since you’ve taken a vacation, look first to your organization’s processes to see how you can make your work-life balance easier to obtain. Oftentimes people can become so stressed out at their jobs that they make drastic, life-altering decisions to either leave their current role or position or enter a new line of work entirely just because of how “mundane” the process of office work has become.

But it needn’t be that way. It’s not necessarily your chosen line of work that’s bogging you down, but how you go about completing that work. If this sounds like a scenario affecting you, be sure to speak to your manager or one of the higher-ups in your organization about looking into cloud-based paperless filing systems.

Another Common Use of This Efficiency Booster

of paperless filing in the workplace is for employees to keep record of their tasks. We all know employees who still use sticky notes for every task and message under the sun. It’s amazing how quickly a cubicle gets cluttered, and it’s completely unnecessary. Instead of sticky notes, have your employees keep track of their tasks using a notepad program built into their computer. That way, they won’t have to worry about losing their notes, and it takes less time to type than to write each one by hand. That’s not just time saved, but money in the bank.

Information Management Inventory

Paperless filing is an excellent way to manage important company information like an inventory or legal files. These are the kinds of documents you don’t want floating around. For confidential information, storing it on a secured computer with passwords is the best way to keep it from getting to the wrong hands. So, if your office is still stuck in the 20th century with papers all over the place, try to use paperless filing whenever possible. You’ll save more money and time than you thought possible. After all, why rely on technology made in the 1870s (typical filing cabinets) to manage the information of the modern era?