We talk a lot about how paper is dragging your business down. But did you know that it can have negative effects on your health too? Because paperwork directly impacts your workload, it can have a major impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Here’s how.


Extra Hours

Americans tend to work longer hours, use fewer vacation days, and retire later than workers in any other developed country. Paperwork can be a big contributor to those extra hours you’re putting in at the office, since the average worker spends 30 – 40% of his or her time on paperwork. That means you could be spending as much as 16 hours per week just dealing with documents, which may make you stay later in the office to get work done.

But doing this can lead to serious health problems. A study out of Kansas State University reported that employees who worked at least 50 hours per week often had reduced physical and mental well-being. They were more prone to depression, and were at a higher risk for heart-related problems. If you cut paperwork out of your life, you can save yourself a lot of that overtime work and live a healthier, happier life.


Lack of Breaks

All that paperwork can also make you feel like you’re chained to your desk. In fact, one survey found that nearly 60% of employees didn’t take regular breaks, with 55% stating that they didn’t take those breaks because they felt like they couldn’t leave their desks.

When you’re not trying to catch up on piles of paperwork, it can be easier to step away from your desk periodically throughout the day, which can improve physical health and lead to a brighter overall outlook regarding your job.


Commuting Every Day

When you rely on paperwork as your primary means of data collection, it becomes impossible to do your job properly from anywhere other than your office. You have to be able to get your hands on those physical documents in order to have the information you need to do your job. This means you have to commute to the office every day, and that drive can actually take a toll on your health.

The University of Montreal’s School of Industrial Relations conducted a study, which showed that commutes of 20 minutes or more make workers more prone to burning out during the work day. Additionally, commutes over 35 minutes increased workers’ risk of job cynicism, which has a negative impact on mental health. Commuting also increases stress levels and raises blood pressure—two more big contributors to poor health among workers today.

If you remove paperwork from your office, and take your documents into a Cloud-based document management system, then it becomes possible for you to work remotely, even if it’s just one or two days a week. Cutting out those commuting hours can have many positive impacts on your overall mental and physical health.

Paper already robs your business of productivity, efficiency, and valuable time and resources. Are you going to let it rob you and your employees of your health too? If you’re ready to make a healthy change and eliminate paper from your office, fill out the form on this page.

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/2382-job-health-impact.html