How long to keep files - HR Best Practices Part 2 - eFileCabinetKeeping accurate and up-to-date personnel files are a challenge for any employer. If you work in HR, there are a lot of files you need to organize, and there are various regulations for those files in order to maintain privacy. Make sure you know not only how long to keep the files listed below, but also how to handle them in a confidential manner.

Here are some documents you need to keep and how long you need to keep them:

3 years:

Applications, changes, terminations
Fidelity bonds
Individual employee file

4 years:

Attendance records
Clock records
Disability and sick benefits records
Health and safety bulletins

5 years:

Daily time reports

6 years:

Insurance records (group and employee)

7 years:

Accident reports, injury claims, settlements
Employee contracts


Earnings records
Employee service records

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