Thanks to unfair portrayals in the media and a difficult-to-shake public perception based on movies, TV crime dramas and novelized legal thrillers, there are a fair share of public citizens who are highly skeptical of anyone who operates within the legal profession. For many practicing attorneys, earning new clients and increasing client retention depends significantly on their ability to stand out from the competition in a way that stresses transparency and shrewdness in addition to effectiveness.

In order to earn the ongoing trust of clients and improve overall effectiveness in both the short-term and the long-term, law firms should constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to streamline their workflow and update their approach based on the most effective means currently available.


Enter the DMS

                  One powerfully effective way law firms can blast past the competition is by implementing a document management system, digital software that allows you to securely store, edit, organize, share and track the entire of your document database in a single digital, online location.

Document management systems offer a wide range of robust features, including everything from text-recognition software that makes any scanned document completely searchable by contents and cloud-based storage that makes every document accessible from any device in the world. By learning how to effectively use the tools a document management system provides, your firm can increase productivity and efficiency which will ultimately lead to a significantly higher payoff of billable hours.

Below are just a few of the ways that a DMS can transform your firm.


Faster Task Delegation

            One of the most sought after abilities that a DMS can offer is the ability to effectively and quickly delegate tasks while remaining clear on expectations throughout the firm or organization. With a unified and organized digital document database, everyone can constantly be aware of what is expected of them— even when they’re on the go, thanks to mobile applications offered by DMS providers like eFileCabinet that allow users to access their entire online database anytime from their mobile device.

When everyone knows what they must do exactly when it needs to be done, you can dramatically increase billable hours by not squandering timely opportunities while you constantly remind everyone of the tasks at hand.


More Marketable Confidentiality

            Many businesses require client confidentiality, but perhaps none more so than legal practices who are legally bound to keep all client interactions 100% private and secure. Thanks to the concrete security and encryption features built-in to some document management systems, that commitment to confidentiality can become a highly marketable and measurable tool that your potential clients will seek out.

Boasting password-protected entry, highly customizable user access permissions and high-level encryptions, DMS like eFileCabinet can ensure that you and your client’s information remain safe, secure and totally private. That’s a feature that doesn’t look bad on a billboard. Plus, it might even be marketable enough to warrant higher hourly fees given the high value clients place on privacy, security and confidentiality.


Better Organization

            The exact definition of “billable hours” can at times be vague, but there are likely very few clients who would consider rifling through filing cabinets, searching through stacks of paper and running down the hall to retrieve a document as billable time. Thankfully, document management systems allow firms to virtually eliminate non-billable busy work tasks like these, allowing you to increase your billable hours and both the real and perceived usefulness of your firm in the eyes of your clients.

With an effective DMS, all stored documents can be searched by their entire text, meaning all you have to enter when searching for a specific document is a name, case file name, or whatever keyword sticks in your head. In a matter of seconds and a few keystrokes, the document you need is right in front of you and ready to be reviewed, edited, or securely shared.


Safety From Loss

            Surely each and every practicing attorney has heard horror stories of a critical document becoming lost and derailing a case or client relationship. Don’t let yourself fall into that nightmare— any reputable document management system will provide multiple physical and cloud-stored backups of your entire database, so not even the end of times will keep you from accessing that court record or evidence file that you know will be a game changer in your big case.

If you’re ready to take the next step in becoming a powerful player in the legal sphere, ready to offer clients a truly unique and effective experience, consider adopting a document management system for your firms daily workflow. To find out more about how a DMS can transform your firm, fill out the short form included on this page to receive a completely free 15-minute demo of eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer software. Good luck, and may the workflow be with you.