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Take control of your workflow* with scalable custom processes and visualization tools. With the power of eFileCabinet’s rapid workflow designer* you can achieve real automation—all from one intuitive dashboard.

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Break business bottlenecks and discover what workflow automation can do for your business’s bottom-line. Ditch the days of pushing paper, and relax comfortably as custom-tailored workflows effortlessly scan and deliver your documents to where they need to go. Automatically approve, reject, or finalize documents, or set up custom approval processes with values or time limits that automatically roll up to higher levels for approval. Experience a workflow that never slows down.

*Beta – talk to your sales representative to start using workflow today.

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. 10 or 15 minutes per return may not sound like much, but during tax season, that is pure gold.
James T. Scherer


The paper-pileup can seem daunting, but with workflow designer on eFileCabinet documents move seamlessly through your company securely and always in compliance. From your dashboard, effortlessly see where every piece of content is in your organization and its status. With visualization tools and reporting, easily recognize where inefficiencies can be addressed and improved. Uncover where content becomes clogged, and make effective real-time decisions based on your organization’s workflow process.