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Mobile DMS

Stay in the loop, even out of the office


With our mobile application, you can have your entire office in your pocket without wasting storage space on your device, securely at that. You can impress your clients when you meet them out for lunch by calling on their entire client folder with a few clicks on your phone. Your clients and customers information will be on demand anytime, anywhere.

With our mobile application, you can edit documents, photos, and videos all on your phone and allow it to re-upload to the main server and sync. It’s as easy as using the system on your work computer, with all of the same securities and responsiveness. You can view multiple pages in our previewer and pinch and zoom in on any images that it displays. Our mobile application has been designed to perform as flawlessly as it performs on your desktop computer. It has faster access speeds than ever before, and you can photograph documents with your phone’s camera and upload them directly to your eFileCabinet in place of scanning them. Its new, intuitive design includes the option to favorite documents and files, keeps a recent log of what you’ve accessed for easy recall, and lets you know what files have been ‘checked out’ (downloaded) onto your device.

A few years ago, we went to Florida on vacation. We stayed at a house on the beach for a month. And I worked everyday from the beach, using eFileCabinet. Anyone who wants to work from home, or has employees who want to work from home… this is a great solution.
Patrick Ballard

Ballard & Company

In today’s modern age, we are not chained to our desks as often as we used to be. eFileCabinet is dedicated to providing you and your company all of your information all of the time. Take advantage of our mobile application and SecureDrawer, so you can always be in the know when you’re on the go!