Dolphin representing intelligent organization

Intelligent organization

Get your docs in a row


eFileCabinet has templates that are pre-set for ease of use, an automated process that will streamline your organization, and is natively intelligent. That last detail refers to our smart search software, which will delve into the files themselves, rather than just the folder they are in or the name of the file itself. Finding a file can be the most mundane of tasks, but it can also slow down the work day until the file is actually found – our search system cuts that out completely. It all but completely eliminates the possibility of losing information – outside of outright deletion.

Our intelligent organization process will cut down your repeated documents and repeated patterns, it will identify tasks that are assigned or simply inputted into the system, and identify information within files. It does all of this so that it can collate the information accordingly, based on a task, project, or even a client. The entire system is natively intelligent and capable of automatically routing documents from the moment they are created, to when they are revised, to when they are evaluated, and finally approved.

Our system is designed to protect your work product until you decide you no longer need it. The entire process is set up to make finding files, documents, and information simple – all you have to do is activate our search feature and type in a relevant key word and it will all be available within seconds. Ease of use is one of our primary concerns. You should never have to worry about your files or information. eFileCabinet gives you the peace of mind and the knowledge that your files and information are safe and easily reached.