A basic overview

Always organized, ahead of the hurry


eFileCabinet offers secure cloud management for our clients, secure protection for their files and documents, and the knowledge that they will always be available when needed.

When you use eFileCabinet, not only are your files readily available, but they are secured and protected. Install role-based permissions, which limit who has access to what documents in order to protect the integrity of your system and protects them from being accessed by outside figures. When you need a particular file, you can use our full text searching system, which will not only consult the title of a document, but the entirety of the document – which can really make all the difference if a document or file is accidently misnamed. Our file retention process can be altered to fit your needs – based on the parameters laid out on how long files and documents should be stored after creation. Our simple, user-friendly design is integrated with popular software such as Microsoft Office’s suite and eSignature. If you need to reference a document or file and aren’t in your office, take advantage of our free mobile app – which features the same protections as the main server your computers are connected to. All of your information at the press of a button, compiled into templates that automatically structure your files for ease of access and use!

“I’ve been able to find records that the client didn’t need to go look for in the event of an audit. The auditor wants copies of all the corporate or all the tax returns that are involved in that audit. I can crank them out in eFileCabinet in seconds.”
Gloria Hill

Never worry about the security and integrity of your work product and client information, put your trust in eFileCabinet and streamline your workflow process today!