Origami lion symbolizing Audit Trail and Compliance

Audit trail & compliance

Never be out of sight or out of compliance.


A full record is kept for every file and document on your system, through eFileCabinet’s audit trail and compliance feature. When a document is created, when it is accessed, when and how it is transferred, and to who it is transferred are integral details.

Our Audit Trail and Compliance feature allows you to isolate audit logs, either by creator, user, date and time, action, permissions, and so much more. You can know if somebody tried to access a file or folder without the proper permissions based on their role, if the work has been done by the specified time, and how often changes are being made to a project in flux. This feature allows you to track and protect the integrity of each and every file and account that your business operates. You can even inspect the entire trail from the moment it was created to the moment you opened it up, all with the click of a button.

eFileCabinet has reduced my liability risk with HIPAA, and reduced the number of steps in my workflow process. It’s become a dynamic and integral part of my system.
Deanna Hancock

This feature, like all of the others offered by eFileCabinet’s document management service, is natively intelligent. Take advantage of eFileCabinet’s innovative tools and features and bring your business and its processes to the next level.