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Advanced searching

Never waste another second


eFileCabinet is dedicated to cutting out the hours of searching with our document management service through our popular advanced searching feature. You don’t have to worry about finding a document ever again, whether it’s been misplaced, the title of the file has been accidentally misspelled, or you only have an idea on what you’re actually searching for. Our intelligent system is capable of finding anything through the use of keywords. Time is too precious a resource to be wasted in a file room, so step out of the arduous search and rely on our system to solve the problem for you.

eFileCabinet takes searching to a completely new level. Only we offer optical character recognition (OCR), metadata, and intelligent automation functionality throughout every level of your system. There is nothing that we can’t find, nothing that is ‘lost,’ and nothing to worry about when you rely on eFileCabinet and our document management service.

I’ve been able to find records that the client didn’t need to go look for in the event of an audit. The auditor wants copies of all the corporate or all the tax returns that are involved in that audit. I can crank them out in eFileCabinet in seconds.
Gloria Hill

With our Advanced Searching feature, you can save time, money, and the inevitable frustration that can stem from a simple mistake or human error.

Every document on your system is within reach after only a few clicks.