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Introducing a New Way to Accomplish Business

eFileCabinet is the all-in-one document management software solution that enables businesses to run their organization with more power and efficiency—from automation and workflow creation, to customizability and control.

Smart Automation

Rubex by eFileCabinet automatically recognizes, intelligently organizes, names, and stores your files using information contained in the files themselves.

How it works - automation
How it works - workflow


Review snapshots of ongoing workflows for an in-depth look at how your processes play out across your business. Drill down into specific workflow stages.


Create templates for folder structures you want standardized throughout your system. Create a list of predefined document names that you can quick apply to files uploaded to your drawer.

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How it works - share

Smart, Secure Sharing

Share files directly from the interface, giving guest access for recipients to download files over a secure connection. Set the recipient’s permissions, file/folder expiration, and the notifications you want to receive regarding the shared files.

File Requests

Send file requests to clients and other outside parties, granting them guest access to automatically rename and upload specific files directly to a folder you choose.

How it works - request
How it works - governance


Rubex by eFileCabinet allows you to set governance for individual documents as well as entire folders, drawers, and cabinets. You can use these tools to stay compliant by setting retention dates and permissions for documents.

eSignature with KBA & OTP

Send secure signature requests to anyone for any document. Save and secure your signed documents anywhere in your system along with a separate audit trail document, making it one of the safe and compliant forms of electronic signature. Secure signature transactions with Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) or One Time Passcodes (OTP).

eSignature envelopes sold separately

How it works - eSignature
How it works - governance

Desktop Application

Rubex is accessible from both your web browser and a unique desktop application, so you can control your document management the way you prefer.

Email Imports

Map a location in your Rubex account to automatically import email messages and/or attachments from your email account inbox or the folder of your choosing.

Rubex also integrates with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, to transfer files directly to your system.

How it works - eSignature
How it works - governance

Access Links/Instant Sign In

When you need to give faster and easier access to clients or coworkers, create direct links that will give them immediate access to files and folders. Either send a link directly to their email, or generate a URL to share over other text or instant messengers.

Dual Screen Previewer

Work on your documents the way you want. View different documents or document versions side-by-side to compare and pull information. Use Rubex’s advanced tools while previewing documents such as editing profile metadata, altering user permission, and setting automation rules.

How it works - eSignature
How it works - governance

Missing Item Search

Easily check multiple folders or drawers for items that should be in them. Using your templates for your most common folder types, run a search on which folders are missing the searched item.


Design and create your own fillable forms with your PDFs, directly from Rubex. Send to clients and colleagues to fill, and you collect the information. No more manual data entry, and even better, use that data to automate the routing of documents for efficiency and compliance.

How it works - eSignature

What Users are Saying About eFileCabinet

Amanda A.

“eFileCabinet has been an absolute lifesaver to our business. We started using it about 2 years ago and by using it, we have finally dug ourselves out of all our paper! We are in the health care business which means that paper is our best friend. By utilizing eFileCabinet we can easily store, monitor and maintain our records. Once that form is uploaded, I know it’s safe and it will be easy to find again.”

David A.

“Organization and management of documentation with a feature-rich suite of administrative goodies! Document versions and revisions are a breeze to navigate and collaborate. The OCR/Search function is amazing along with the automated zonal forms. There is nothing I dislike about this software… The more you dive into the software the more you will discover its capabilities. You will be surprised to learn that eFileCabinet team has really thought this through.”