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In the digital landscape of today’s business world, customer relationship management (CRM) systems are becoming an increasingly vital part of how businesses interact with their clients. Businesses both large and small are finding ways to benefit from integrating CRM into their organizations. CRMs are a low-cost, high ROI solution that let businesses quickly scale their operations based on consumer need and availability of employees. Also, it can give small businesses tools that formerly would only be available to large corporations.

While CRMs have already proven themselves to be an invaluable tool to increase efficiency in many different types of businesses, many companies are improving the effectiveness of their CRMs by integrating apps directly into their CRM platform. By integrating different types of apps into different areas of a CRM system, business owners worldwide are seeing a multitude of different benefits.

Some of the most important benefits of integrating apps into a CRM platform are:

  • Increased efficiency, saving significant amounts of time
  • Ease of use, which improves customer relationship and results in an improved customer experience
  • Centralization of tools, which simplifies workflow
  • Integrations of document management software (DMS), which makes data significantly more secure

Let’s take a look at some examples to see how integrating apps into your CRM can lead to these benefits.


Increased Efficiency Saves Time

One of the most immediate benefits of integrating apps into your CRM is the amount of time your business can save by digitizing processes that formerly could get dragged out by days and weeks when performed by paper. One great app that saves both time and money is RightSignature, which can be integrated directly into Salesforce so that you and your clients can electronically sign documents. Mailing documents back and forth to acquire the necessary signatures to close deals drags out a process that could already be complete, and it keeps employees from moving on to other sales and duties.

Some business owners might be reluctant to abandon the more traditional methods of obtaining signatures, but any distrust in electronic signatures is misplaced. Programs such as RightSignature are establishing a new standard for trust in electronic signatures, and the business world is increasingly embracing electronic signatures as the best and fastest way to reach agreements with clients.


Integrated Apps Improves Customer Experience

Integrating apps such as RightSignature into your CRM not only helps you close deals with customers, but the quick and easy process results in happier customers. Once a customer and a salesperson figure out what the customer needs, a deal can be signed directly from the CRM, eliminating wait times as various documents are delivered, received, and resent. In our age of instant access, customers expect deals to be resolved quickly and simply, and by integrating apps into a CRM, business owners and sales representatives can provide that speed and simplicity.

The ease of use factor is another essential component in keeping customers happy throughout business transactions. When you integrate the apps that need to be utilized to complete a sale, you won’t require customers to move between programs, and today’s consumers expect a single, logical process when interacting with technology. Additionally, your CRM will automatically track and store any data relevant to the customer so that you can provide seamless service for the remainder of your interaction with any given customer.


Centralized Tools Means a Simpler Workflow

Customers aren’t the only people who will feel the benefits of integrating apps into a CRM. Once all the relevant apps that a business owner’s employees need are integrated into a CRM, they won’t need to switch between programs to complete sales and obtain relevant customer data. If you take the time to integrate a DMS such as eFileCabinet with your CRM, you get all the benefits of eFileCabinet’s powerful document organization, storage, and search tools. Your employees will be able to access any documents they need across your entire organization without ever leaving the CRM program that is helping them interact with your customers.


App Integration Helps Keep Data More Secure

Integrating programs such as eFileCabinet doesn’t just keep your data organized—it helps keep it safe and protected. DMS programs are designed to keep data accessible only to the people granted express permission to view them. Top-tier security systems keep your data secure from unwanted visitors but accessible to the people who need them.

Many businesses require an audit-ready electronic paper trail to demonstrate that they have met all government regulations, which is another native feature of programs such as eFileCabinet. Document histories are kept safe and secure should they ever need to be produced, and version locks ensure that no one wastes time by using an outdated version of a document.

Visit eFileCabinet online to learn more about how integrating apps into your CMS can help your business run a more efficient operation, and fill out the form to see a 15-minute demo about how you can use eFileCabinet.