Inspector Gadget Using Cloud File Management - eFileCabinet

Inspector Gadget was one of my favorite cartoon characters growing up. Whether he was dodging traffic to catch a crook or cutting ropes to escape capture, Inspector Gadget seemed to always have a solution literally built into his body so that he could save the day. He was a walking Swiss Army knife, and a very comical one at that.

Inspector Gadget always knew what gadgets he had available in time of need, and he knew how to use them. All he had to do was say “Go Go Gadget (item)” and it would instantly appear. He would activate the Gadget Copter so he could fly at a moment’s notice, or use his Gadget Spring to jump above the fray.

People often overlook that while Inspector Gadget was often on the run catching criminals, he had his share of office work to take care of as well. As a hero who defined resourcefulness, he would have certainly used Cloud document management in helping store files on villains and open cases. You need to follow Inspector Gadget’s lead by knowing how to use the many tools you have available with the Cloud.

Go Go Gadget—

Share: Inspector Gadget would use the Cloud to communicate with his precocious niece, Penny, who proved invaluable in helping him crack many cases. His boss, Chief Quimby, would have benefited from sharing files so he wouldn’t have to send paper messages, which had the tendency to self-destruct. With the Cloud, he could share messages with his sidekicks instantly from anywhere in the world.

Password: Inspector Gadget’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Claw, always looked for ways to thwart Inspector Gadget’s efforts. He was basically the ’90s version of a hacker. Nowadays, he would definitely try to attack Inspector Gadget’s online resources. That’s why Inspector Gadget would use a complex password and closed networks to keep Dr. Claw at bay.

Backup: Inspector Gadget would never compromise his personal safety by relying solely on physical files. He had extremely sensitive information that criminals would even kill to steal. Every document he had would be backed up on the Cloud.

Update: With his state-of-the-art submarine that could convert into a fighter jet, Dr. Claw was incredibly tech savvy. Inspector Gadget could not afford to fall behind with old software, so he would update constantly. You should do the same.

Search: With so much information to sort and so little time, this would be one of Inspector Gadget’s most useful tools. He didn’t have time to find a needle of a word in a haystack of documents. Having your information online makes it so much easier to find the data you need quickly—all you need is to click a button or hit a key.

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