In the construction industry, much of a business’ success is dependent upon their ability to work efficiently and quickly while constantly upholding a high standard of quality in their work. While this might seem like a simple task to an outsider, any construction contractor or member of a firm knows that balancing deadlines and quality standards while also dealing with the constant threats of late shipments, rising labor costs, and ever-changing demands from clients require professionals to be constantly aware of any new opportunities to improve their workflow and maximize their success rate.

But though the construction industry is often ahead of the curve in many respects, it has also proven itself to be an industry slow to adopt the latest and most effective information technology practices and tools. Part of this phenomenon might be attributable to the fact that many construction projects are government funded or at least subsidized, which takes some of the pressure off for certain firms. But whether you’re government-funded or operating independent from the state, it’s always wise to be informed and aware of how modern information technology can increase the effectiveness, efficiency and marketable of your construction business in order to obtain long-term success and stability while earning new clients at a regular clip.

Another potential explanation as to why the construction industry has been slow to adopt modern technologized workflow opportunities is the fact that much of the business of construction takes place out in the field, in hard hats and boots at a work site rather than in a suite and tie in an office. Many construction professionals seem to believe that being tied to a digital database will limit their ability to access the documents they need on-the-fly.


The Truth About Modern DMS

Document management systems are not what they were a decade ago. Rather than tying users to a computer, the use of completely cloud-based online storage allows DMS software users to access documents absolutely anywhere while onsite. In fact, becoming freed from the attachment to physical documentation has allowed construction professionals to become more efficient and organized in keeping up with the various documentation necessary over the course of a project.

In addition to the mobility that a cloud-based system provides, modern document management systems offer profound positive benefits to construction firms, including dramatic decreases in printing costs, significantly more secure interactions between documents and users, clearer delegation of tasks and incredibly easy sharing capabilities. Below, let’s take a look at some of these features a little more closely to find out how they can transform your business, starting with mobility.


The Power of the App

Reputable DMS like eFileCabinet provide not only a robust desktop-based format but also an equally powerful and effective mobile app, allowing users to access their documents with the full functionality of a desktop even when away from a desk (or away from anything, really.)

Once you can access not only the documents you’ve brought with you in a file folder but the entirety of your database, nothing cannot be accomplished while out on a work site. Everything from work orders and shipments to employee hours and permits can be accessed and shared from your mobile device, allowing you to effectively make your office wherever you happen to be at any given time. That’s a measurable increase in useful time and a quantifiable decrease in wasted hours.


Security You Can Count On

Document management systems come with built-in security and safety features, including high-level encryptions and multiple physical and cloud-based backups to ensure data is never lost or stolen.

For additional security, DMS like eFileCabinet offer customizable user permissions, which allow you to determine who has access to which documents as well as which users have permission to edit or share files. Additionally, a digital paper trail allows you to track past versions of a file, plus information about who accessed a file, what changes they made, and when that access was gained or changes were made. It’s a powerful level of oversight unavailable without a DMS in place.


Easy Collaboration

Thanks to the instant sharing capabilities of a mobile, cloud-based DMS, collaboration within your firm or with outside organizations and enterprises has never been easier. Share files, made communal edits and keep everyone updated on the most current document versions all while present at a job site. It’s just like you learned on the childhood playground— it’s always better to work together.

To learn even more about how document management systems have the power to transform your construction business and bring you to the light of improved workflow, blazing-fast efficiency and dramatically increased marketability, fill out the short form included on this page to receive a free 15-minute demo of eFileCabinet’s robust document management system.