How Cloud Document Management Could Save You from Needing a LawyerEarlier, we described in general terms how using document management with eFileCabinet could help you avoid lawsuits and other legal obstacles. These aren’t just hypothetical situations: they have happened numerous times, and our customers have saved lots of time and money by using eFileCabinet.

We had a customer who made transactions involving jewelry and other luxury goods. Once he dealt with a vendor who claimed that our customer still owed him $20,000 from an earlier transaction that our customer had in fact already paid. Unfortunately, our customer could not find any physical proof or receipts to show that he had paid. But to his great relief, he had eFileCabinet to help resolve the frustrating situation. eFileCabinet allows you to search instantly for a document even if it’s saved with thousands of others. Can you imagine how long it would take to sift through thousands of paper documents that could have been lost?

Using OCR (optical character recognition), we were able to perform a search based on the exact price of the transaction. Even though we were dealing with a scanned document, the OCR technology quickly tracked down the document that included that price, and the rest of the information needed to prove our customer’s innocence. The claim was refuted, validating our customer’s integrity and ensuring he was cleared of all charges.

Whether you deal with expensive transactions
, HR documents, or tax records, you need to make sure to not only have a safe place to keep important data; you need to make sure it’s easily searchable. Our customer would have been in a very difficult spot if he had not used online data storage. eFileCabinet help you keep justice on your side.

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