As a Student of History, I’ve Learned About the Importance of Cloud Document Management

I sometimes ponder hypothetical scenarios where a different outcome of a battle or political movement could have altered the course of history. What if the 300 Spartans had not held their ground at Thermopylae?

What if Napoleon conquered Russia? Certainly, the world would be a much different place had those events occurred. One idea to consider is how Cloud document management could have dramatically rewritten history. You’re skeptical? Doubt no more!

If you believe the written word has had an important impact on history, then Cloud document management has truly marked a historical achievement.

If Cloud document management had been available earlier in time, it could have helped preserve groundbreaking, influential documents that have been lost. In fact, part of cloud document management’s offering, Zonal OCR, has proven it can preserve important documents in the historical record.

Let’s Start with the Works of Nikola Tesla

one of the most influential scientists to ever live. He kept his research documents at 35 South Fifth Avenue in New York City, including his full collection of notebooks, lab data, and equipment.

Unfortunately, a fire erupted in the basement of the apartment building in New York, destroying everything on site. We can only guess what revolutionary ideas turned to ashes, but one thing we do know is that his findings on the Unified Field Theory were lost, which Tesla claimed to have solved in 1894.

The theory, which has yet to be solved by today’s scientists, describes the relationship between all the physical forces. It’s really a shame he didn’t have Cloud document management.

For You Art Lovers Doubting Cloud Document Management

did you know that there was a huge painting created in a coordinated effort by Leonardo and Michelangelo, two of the greatest artists to ever live. The work was commissioned to decorate Florence’s City Hall, and the contract was signed by Machiavelli.

Tragically, due to poor painting materials, Leonardo resorted to dry the painting using burning torches. This melted the wax and destroyed the painting. If only they had taken a picture and uploaded it to the Cloud for all of us to admire! This is an important point in history, among many others that would’ve changed everything. 

And finally, in case you were thinking that music was invented in the 18th century, it wasn’t. Can you imagine if ancient music could have been uploaded?

Sure, it would probably sound very strange to our ears, but it would reveal profound insights into the thoughts and lives of our ancestors. Well, I guess we can at least store what we have now, so let’s get to it!