Moving up the corporate ladder is never easy. Most people who work their way to the top spend years of their life learning the ins and outs of different departments through different companies, and in the end, gain enough experience to merit themselves a spot at the top. What if the process didn’t have to take so long, though? What would you do then? Spend more time at home with the kids? Spend more time on the golf course? I’ll let you do the dreaming. Here’s how Cloud document management can help.

Stay Organized & Maintain Privacy

Have you ever walked into your office and noticed that there are hundreds of papers sitting on your desk? Some papers may still need action, while others have been sitting there for weeks. Get rid of all that clutter and file those papers digitally. You’ll love how much time you save searching for a single document.

Document Tracking and Collaboration

If your team is working on a big project, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page. It’s difficult to make progress when you have 5 employees making changes to 5 different versions of a single document. Speed up the process and get everyone on the same page—literally. Collaborating on documents in the Cloud allows everyone to work on the same version of the same document. No more passing back and forth.

Save a List of Successes and Accomplishments

Each time you or your team do something great, keep track of it. Have you ever been in an interview and been asked a question like, “What has been your greatest accomplishment in your current position?” and you sat there drawing a blank? If you were to save a list of your accomplishments, chances are that you will have a much clearer memory of what remarkable things you have accomplished.

Spend Less Time Filing and More Time Adding Value

It’s no secret that companies promote the employees who are adding the most value. That doesn’t necessarily mean the ones who are doing the most work, but the ones who are speeding up processes, implementing systems of checks and balances, bringing in bottom-line revenue, etc. These are the employees who work their way up the corporate ladder. How much more time would you have to create value in your workplace if you had more time to focus on the things that really matter?

10 Must-Follow Rules for Effective Document Management