It took about a month and a half of use for Rene Velazquez to start calling eFileCabinet “magic.” After using its intuitive organization tools, he wonders how he’s survived without it.

Velazquez is a CPA with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. Since 2005, he’s been a public accountant, servicing an eclectic variety of clients, both individual and corporate. He’s currently the owner of his own CPA, PA firm in Miami, Florida, with an even spread of clientele in manufacturing, services, real estate, and many other industries. 

Velazquez’s office for the past several years has been primarily paperless thanks to a shared, digital storage location in the cloud. He and his employees would share and store their essential documents in this space to get work down for their clients. While this solution was better than dealing with physical documents, it was still rife with inefficiencies since organizing digital documents in this solution needed to be done manually. 

“The way we were doing things before wasn’t the most efficient,” Velazquez said. “Because of this, I would have had to hire more people. I’m a big believer in working smarter, not harder.”

He decided that for the 2020 tax season, his office should look into a new solution for managing their digital documents. They looked at several solutions online, but few offered any robust differences from what they were already using. He wasn’t looking for just another storage solution. 

Velazquez’s IT manager informed him about document management solutions and recommended eFileCabinet after researching it. After speaking with representatives, he was eager to implement it and try it for himself. 

Velazquez said the training was fast and easy. His account manager and other support staff were helpful and patient. First, Velazquez said he explored the software on his own for a while, then composed a list of questions for his account manager. He answered them all and walked Velazquez through the software. After a follow-up session, he was able to train everyone in the office.

So How Did It Go?

“Honestly, I don’t know how I did business before. The tools are so user-friendly. I’m getting things done much more efficiently than I have in the last 15 years.”

Velazquez and team have been using eFileCabinet to manage documents better than ever, with fewer hiccups, no lost documents, and quick access to everything. To Velazquez, the most valuable feature, and the one he uses the most is SideKick.

“SideKick is just magical. It’s a game-changer.”

Rene said he was told SideKick is a must-have feature. When he tried it out, it was better than what was described to him.

“I love this thing, how I can just drag-and-drop things into it. When people send me their tax documents, they rarely send it all at once. It always comes in drips and drops. When I drop a new PDF with the same name, it asks me “do you want to append this?’ That’s beautiful. Because now I don’t have 14 different tax documents I need to organize—I have one PDF.” 

He says after just one month, it has completely changed his practice. He enjoys the functionality and speed. One of his favorite aspects is the fact that the collapsed version of SideKick sits above everything on his desktop, so he can have dozens of windows and tabs opens, and still be able to drop things into SideKick.  

“That little ‘e’ is always there.”

It wasn’t long before Velazquez started seeing the ROI. From saved labor hours and overhead to increased productivity, he’s positive that his investment will easily pay for itself and continue returning as he continues to use it. 

“Not exaggerating, I save at least an hour a day, personally. My admin is saving double the amount of time because she’s dealing with clients’ paperwork all day,” he said. “If we were ever acquired or I moved to a different firm, I’m not going without eFile. It would be a dealbreaker.”

eFileCabinet recently released that first Rubex Desktop Application, as a new way for users to access to their document management system from an integrated desktop app. This doesn’t mean SideKick is going away. Users can still use both the Desktop App and SideKick.

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