masterBatman and Robin. The Justice League. The Avengers. They’re some of the most powerful superheroes in the comic book world, but they also prove a point—no matter how good you are, sometimes you need a hand to get the job done. So if someone like Batman needs a sidekick sometimes, shouldn’t you have one too? If you’re looking to be the ultimate office hero, then you need an office sidekick that can give you the right kind of help. Here’s your checklist to make sure you’re getting the perfect sidekick.




You shouldn’t have to struggle to have your sidekick close by. They should be by your side whenever you need them, no matter the circumstances. They need to be able to jump into action the moment you need their assistance. No hero should ever have to wait around for their sidekick to show up.



Sure, Robin may be able to do some pretty fancy acrobatics, but that’s not the kind of flexibility you need in an office sidekick. You need the kind of flexibility that allows your sidekick to adapt to every situation you throw at them. They should be able to store and file any kind of document you’ve got, and to handle every task you need completed.



The Green Arrow has Speedy, but you need a different kind of speed in your sidekick. You need the sort of speed and responsiveness that saves you time in the office. Documents should be filed instantly. And if you need those documents again, they should be at your fingertips when you need them. Your sidekick should never leave you waiting when you need them.


Team Attitude

Your sidekick shouldn’t be a solo act. They need to work as a member of your existing team—a perfect addition to your office Justice League. They need to be able to be totally in sync with your current workflow and tools so that they can be totally efficient in helping you with your daily paper battles.


Your Sidekick Has Arrived

Lucky for you, this perfect office sidekick already exists, and is ready to join your team in 2016. It’s the eFileCabinet SideKick, and it has everything you need to become the hero your office deserves—and the one it needs. Your SideKick sits right on your desktop, so it’s always at your side when you need it. It’s flexible enough to handle virtually any task you send its way, and it can do so with a speed worthy of the Flash himself. Plus, the SideKick syncs up perfectly with your other eFileCabinet software; it’s a team player designed to make your life easier. And it’ll never take your Batmobile out for a joyride.

So are you ready to be the world’s greatest office hero? Contact a sales representative today to learn more about what the SideKick will be capable of and how it can make your life easier. Then get ready to soar off into the sunset with the best SideKick any office hero could ask for.


Disclaimer: Mask, cape, and tights are not included with the eFileCabinet SideKick.