Last week was an exciting one for us at eFileCabinet. November 11 marked the first day of our first-ever user conference, which was held at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. We had a great turnout, andevery last person—including our team members who were working at the conference—had an incredible time.If you didn’t make it to Edge this year, here’s what you missed out on.


Incredible Giveaways

We had so many giveaways at the conference that we ran out of prizes! We had everything from gift cards to Chromecasts, iPad Minis, and scanners, to goodie bags full of awesome gifts. And our team came back from Vegas empty-handed! Every guest went home with a prize or gift of some kind, and many more people will be getting additional prizes in the mail from us soon. We even had awesome bonuses, like doing free head shots that our clients could use for their LinkedIn profiles, business websites, or any other professional purpose.

We were also proud to be able to give awards to some of our most successful eFileCabinet users. These users received recognition for their outstanding implementation of our products in helping to completely transform their businesses.


Awesome Classes

The classes we held at Edge drew quite a bit of attendance from our guests. From big keynote speakers like Brian Tracy to our CPE credit courses, new product releases, eSignature implementation, and general business courses, the classrooms were packed, and a lot of great information was shared. Overall, the atmosphere in the classrooms was a casual, forum-like feeling, with lots of participation from the audience.

We were amazed at just how much information was shared in each class, and the amount of participation we had in every course. Everyone walked away having learned a great deal, and with new tools in their belt to implement in their own businesses after returning from the conference. Many of our guests were excited to be able to start implementing SecureDrawer and eSignatures in their businesses first thing Monday morning!


Free Tech Lab

Our user tech lab was open throughout the conference, and it was the place to be between classes at the conference. Guests were able to come to the lab and discuss their questions and issues regarding eFileCabinet with our product professionals. They got free, hands-on demonstrations to help them understand all of the features and proper implementation of eFileCabinet, so that they can return to their businesses with in-depth knowledge regarding the products.



A Great Time

Above all, Edge offered our incredible customers the opportunity to connect with other professionals and simply have a great time while learning better business practices. There was delicious food, great prizes, and a laid-back atmosphere that encouraged socialization and networking. We even had some dancing break out at our welcome reception! Everyone had such an incredible time that we had a hard time getting people to return to their hotel rooms at the end of the night!

By Friday night, guests at Edge left with some incredible memories, great prizes in their bags, good memories, new business connections, and knowledge and tools to help improve their businesses in many regards. Exhausted as we were by the end of it all, we were incredibly grateful for the chance to meet some of our customers face to face and connect with them on a more personal level.

We’re already making plans for next year’s conference, and we hope to see even more of our customers at Edge 2016!