Working in the healthcare industry can present some complex document management problems. You probably have mountains of insurance forms, patient histories, and dosage reports on hand right now, cluttering up your workspace.

Storing, accessing, and protecting all of this information can pose some logistical problems. You’ve probably already tried storing all your documents in filing cabinets, and discovered the usual problems. Filing cabinets are bulky, and if some document is put in the wrong place, finding it quickly can be a challenge. Filing cabinets aren’t secure, either; just about anyone can take documents as they please.

How much valuable space is taken up, either in the hospital or doctor’s office where you work, by filing cabinets? Could that space be used for other, more important things? You’ve probably thought more than once that there has to be a way to make managing all of your healthcare documents easier.


eFileCabinet is the leading paperless Document Management System on the market. eFileCabinet’s software takes all of your paper documents and stores them digitally, eliminating the need for filing cabinets and creating a smoother, more effective workflow.

eFileCabinet can easily help you handle:

  • Insurance forms
  • Patient histories
  • Payroll
  • Treatment files
  • Dosage information
  • Health insurance claims
  • Prescriptions
  • Billing information
  • Medical proxy forms
  • Social security information
  • Medicaid and Medicare forms
  • And much more!

eFileCabinet provides you with access to all of your documents at a moment’s notice, with either our on-premise or in-the-cloud software. You don’t have to rummage around in filing cabinets looking for documents when you have eFileCabinet. Simply search your digital directory and your documents will be accessible instantly.

eFileCabinet is also HIPAAcompliant, which is a common concern most healthcare experts have when switching over to a digital Document Management System. eFileCabinet features document retention, role-based security, and robust SSL security to ensure you stay in compliance with HIPAA laws.

Storing your documents digitally is much more secure than leaving important documents in a filing cabinet. eFileCabinet’s software will keep your documents secure—protecting both your patients and your healthcare business.

Going paperless is easy, affordable, and takes very little time with eFileCabinet. Go paperless today — you really won’t believe how easy it is!