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More than any other office environment, healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with paperwork and therefore struggle to break through information silos. They’re also held to the strictest levels of document security, and the new era of allied health holds providers more accountable for information management than ever.

Most healthcare facilities already have records management technologies in place, but struggle with the difficulties they impose. These old problems require modern solutions. If you’re feeling forced to choose between excellent patient care and processing piles of paperwork, Rubex by eFileCabinet is the healthcare document management solution that provides a centralized location for all filing efforts, including the features you need to simplify, streamline, and automate document-related healthcare processes.

Here’s how a healthcare document management system like Rubex by eFileCabinet can help your office.

Rubex by eFileCabinet Helps Healthcare Businesses

Why should medical professionals choose eFileCabinet’s healthcare document management software? Besides getting rid of the avalanche of paperwork overtaking clinics and healthcare facilities, there are several practical reasons for your office to convert to an electronic healthcare document management system, including the process of ensuring more accurate economic credentialing measures for healthcare providers.

Work at the speed of thought, but without human errors
Mitigate the impact of uncompensated care
Waste less time
Save space and money
Work from anywhere
Eliminate lost and misfiled documents

Improve patient service

Facilitate compliance and ensure security
Securely share files of any size
Achieve a consistent file structure
Fast track document turnaround
Control access and track files
Protect and expand your business
Maximize your performance

Patients or Paperwork?

If you work in the healthcare industry, chances are you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Recent surveys report that health care employees rank highest in both stress levels and workload. eFileCabinet can help ensure managed care controls are implemented at the document level, and much better than EMRs or EHRs.

More than an EMR or EHR, For Less Cost

Healthcare is a paper-heavy business. Going paperless with a healthcare document management system can create quick-wins on your balance sheet, lower overhead by 30 – 40%, and drive profitability and growth. Additionally, our healthcare DMS offers file versioning and retention scheduling unlike EMRs and EHRs–further decreasing clutter in your office. Learn more by reading our article Managing Medical Records Like Never Before. 

The Solution to File Overload

How Much Does Paperwork Cost You?

Processing claims and paperwork costs the healthcare industry up to $210 billion annually. As much as $88 billion is wasted in the healthcare industry every year simply due to the ineffective use of available healthcare document management technology.  Some practices estimate they spend 40% of their revenue filling out paperwork. That’s a lot of pocket change, not to mention time away from patients.

Not only will DMS make your life easier, it can help every department in your healthcare facility, including Admissions, Charting, Registration, Payroll, Pharmacy, Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, and everything else!

Streamline workflows and document management processes for improved patient care as you facilitate information sharing and real-time access to patient information.

Capture all health, patient, and financial information at the point of entry. Store and process any type of document with complete security and compliance. You really can do this all with a healthcare document management solution.

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Deanna Hancock Shed 30 Pounds of Paper

“I can actually do a six client visit and turnaround my paperwork in about 24 to 48 hours. Whereas before, I would be struggling two weeks later. eFileCabinet has become a dynamic and integral part of my system.”

Deanna Hancock
DMH Contract Nursing Services

Maintain Complete HIPAA Compliance

Patient Histories
Insurance Claims
Admission Forms
Clinical Notes
Advanced Directives
Lab Results
Insurance Cards
And Much More!

As a medical facility or office, you’re held to the strictest levels of document management and security. Patients expect it. Federal legislation requires it. eFileCabinet’s healthcare document management software features document retention, role-based security, audit trails, and robust SSL security to ensure you stay in compliance with complex HIPAA laws.

Violation of these healthcare document laws can be costly. Rubex by eFileCabinet makes complex compliance requirements easy for your healthcare entity to apply.

Don’t wait until an audit to get 100% compliant—protect yourself from significant criminal and civil penalties that may result from HIPAA violations.

Whether you’re a small medical practice or a large healthcare facility, eFileCabinet delivers a simple, effective healthcare document management system to electronically capture, manage, and protect data, including:

Automate information-intensive processes to reduce costs while improving the quality of care. That’s the power of eFileCabinet’s healthcare document management.

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Protect Yourself from Costly Data Losses

Electronic health information security is as vital as maintaining and caring for the health of the patient.

You only need turn on the news to hear the latest cyber security breach horror story. Safeguarding your records and practice from these threats is extremely important, as they leave you vulnerable and potentially liable for damage.

We take security seriously. All your documents, files, and information are encrypted, whether it’s PHI, sensitive health or financial records, or a receipt from a vendor. If your documents are important enough to be saved, they are important enough to be encrypted.

Integration with EMR & PM Systems

Rubex easily integrates with other medical software systems, including certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Practice Management (PM) systems, medical devices, lab results, and transcription. This integration simplifies paper processes and further assists you in meeting HIPAA requirements.

For more information on how to protect yourself from large data losses, read our article: EHR and DMS: How They Deal With Compliance

Medical team healthcare document management

Rubex to the Rescue

eFileCabinet’s healthcare document management software provides all the tools you need to store, search, and share your important healthcare documents and files safely. Here are just a few of the many important DMS features that will help make your job in healthcare significantly easier:


Your job requires you to take care of endless patients and paperwork. Each patient is different, but the paperwork tends to be the same. Rubex’s workflow will help you manage the paperwork as it moves from creation to completion, with all the important steps in between. Our document management technology puts the Point of Care (POC) first, as it always should be.

In the business world, workflow is a repetitious pattern of processes that a document or project must pass through to be completed. When it comes to healthcare document management, workflow is the specific path a document must follow before it is considered completed. With Rubex, your workflow processes are quick and easy.

With Rubex’s workflow feature, you can design your workflows so they are as simple or as complex as you need them to be. You can also design multiple workflows, applying the right workflow to each document as it is created.

Zonal OCR

Zonal OCR acts as a super competent, never weary data-entry employee. Using OCR (optical character recognition), Zonal OCR will analyze each healthcare document as you scan it into the eFileCabinet system. It will then make note of repeated patterns and apply them to future documents and auto-populating forms for you. Zonal OCR is just as good as your most experienced data-entry employee, but Zonal OCR never takes a sick day.


This feature of eFileCabinet is easily our pride and joy. It is a small orb that resides on your desktop, but don’t let its size fool you. SideKick is immensely powerful, synchronizing immediately with your other programs and giving you access to your storage in eFileCabinet without ever opening the software. You can continue to work comfortably in your program of choice—no need to toggle over to eFileCabinet ever again.

SideKick is faster than a speeding bullet and more dynamic than anything you’ve come across before. It’s the perfect addition to your superhero toolkit as you continue to save the world, one healthcare document at a time.

eFileCabinet cures even the most complex healthcare document management problems. Streamline your workload and your costs by using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available. To learn how eFileCabinet can help your office increase efficiency and compliance with ease, call us at 877-574-5505, chat with us on this page, or fill out the form to request contact from a medical office efficiency expert.

Customer Testimonials

Due to all the laws and regulations regarding “protected information,” we were being overrun with paperwork, and physical storage space was becoming a real issue. The most fantastic part of eFileCabinet so far is getting rid of all the hard copies of documents and thus clearing out tons of stuff that has taken up so much physical space! I think the biggest economic impact for us will be in maintaining current patients and attracting new patients because we are in total compliance with all new laws and regulations.

Therese Lentz


We have to abide by all the rules and regulations of HIPAA, and security is everything. eFileCabinet is great because has all the tools we need to stay HIPAA compliant and it is super easy to use, both for my billers here in SLC and my clinics from Hawaii to South Carolina. This is a breeze. If you can navigate to a website, you can use this product. It is very, very easy.

Ryan Patano

Alta Medical Management

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