The office dog and pony show is weighing America down. The results are in, and most Americans are unhappy at work.

As your partner in maintaining office sanity, eFileCabinet is here to change all that. Sure, we may just be a top-rated document management software vendor, but in this article we are going to equip you with a milieu of ways to maintain sanity in your office, no matter how dire your situation or its accompanying frustrations.

This post will end the relevance of filing cabinets forever. If you don’t believe us, read this post to its end. Then you’ll realize there’s no point of running an office in the 21st century with “technology” patented in the 19th century. Yes, that’s when filing cabinets were invented, if you can call them an invention at all.

Here are a few quick and irreverent tips on how to maintain your sanity at the office on Fridays.

Use Tools that Make Your Job Less Boring

A document management dufous

We won’t beat around the bush with this one. What do eFileCabinet’s Zonal OCR (smart scanning) add-on and Milton from Office Space have in common?

Neither of them are good at ‘getting in the zone,’ because Milton is a bit zany and, well, Zonal OCR is a software without emotions. Nor are Milton’s glasses as intense as Zonal Optical Character Recognition, but they are both records managers you can keep off the payroll.

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’d be worthwhile to have an extra pair of hands without paying for them, zonal OCR is a great tool to begin with.

Get the Most Out of Company Layoffs and Firings

document management layoffs

Once you’ve automated half the jobs in your office with a document management solution, it’ll be time to kick the not-so-useful employees out of the office.

Cardboard boxes (as illustrated nearby) suffice just fine for the people that worked hard and did their best.

But for those who were teetering on the line of being laid off and fired, you can let them pack up their belongings and stuff them into filing cabinet drawers.

Not only is this helping you move all the useless junk out of your office (laid off employees’ junk and the empty, junky filing cabinets alike), it’s making those you kick to the curb carry out their belongings in far heavier containers than the those better workers have to carry, to whom you gave the cardboard boxes.

Oh, and if a layoff impacts any in-office romances you may be having and you’re in charge, you can also decide who gets the light cardboard boxes and heavy filing cabinet drawers to carry out their items accordingly.

Turn the Suggestions Box into a Piggy Bank

turn documents into dollars

This document management principle applies most to the HR managers reading this post. In fact, if you’re not an HR person, stop reading, or you may take offense.

Nobody tends to read the suggestions boxes anyway. If anything, they’re mere artifices designed to make employees feel important. Not actually become important.

Yeah, yeah, we know your employees think otherwise. But let’s be realistic. The HR managers at most companies may be taking the slips of paper contained in these boxes home to their husbands and reading them off one by one at bedtime to add comedic flair to pillow talk otherwise staled by years of boring before-bed conversations.

And, once you go fully digital and salvage your office sanity in the process, paper will no longer need to fill that suggestions box.

Instead you can replace it with another kind of paper and turn that useless suggestions box into a piggy bank, in which you can store all the money your document management solution will be saving you and your company.

And, if implementing a document management solution was your idea, you can use that piggy bank as a prop for the meeting where you ask for your next raise.

Conquer Road Rage by Throwing Filing Cabinets Off the Top of Your Office Building

rooftops and document management

No matter how old you get, breaking things will never get old. This is especially true after a road rage inducing commute to the office.

But it’s all about context and being able to, well, justify breaking stuff. Throw a brick at your boss’s office window after shaking your fist at someone on the road, and you’ll be hitting the bricks.

Throwing filing cabinets off the top of your office building’s roof, however, is acceptable once you’ve purchased a document management solution to go paper-free. Heck, your boss may even commend you.

Just aim for the dumpster and make sure you don’t injure any bystanders, or you will have traded a data breach noncompliance lawsuit for a personal injury lawsuit. eFileCabinet can keep your data and documents safe, but it can’t defend you in personal injury cases.

And, if you’re especially prone to bouts of road rage on your from-office commutes, you can bring a filing cabinet along with you to put in the passenger seat. If you feel compelled to roll down the window at a stoplight and chuck something at the car that just cut you off, you’ll have a useless piece of boxed metal to help you in that endeavor.

Sounds cathartic, right? Well, not so fast. You’re going to need a method of going paperless before chucking these tree graveyards off your office building’s rooftop, and the best option is a document management system.

Partake in an Office Olympiad

document olympiad

The office Olympiad is an acquired taste among certain company cultures, so ensuring it’s executed properly is important; without proper execution, the first office Olympiad will likely be the last one as well.

When done correctly, these events can boost morale, and give people who aren’t great at their jobs an opportunity to show that they can do something well, even if it only involves an office chair luge-ing contest.

How do you put those raggedy old filing cabinets to use in an office Olympiad? Well, you can use them as podiums for the winners.

After all, the bravest and most exemplary workers don’t rely on filing cabinets any way, so demonstrating that they’re beneath you (stupid pun intended) by using them as podiums will let the winners of all winners in your office bask in the glory that will be their office Olympiad victory.

And, let’s admit it: We may not always like our coworkers, and if they are better at their job than we are, they spend 40 (or more) hours per week making us look bad. Who doesn’t want revenge against those people? The Office Olympiad is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on this.

The Olympiad provides everyone in the office with an opportunity to show what they got, and level the playing field and status quo, helping people and sometimes even entire departments simmer down on competitive feuds.

Realize There Are Only 2 Kinds of Office Paper that Are Relevant in Office Buildings

toilet paper and money


And Realize the Luxuries You’ll Experience After Going Paperless with eFileCabinet

And after using eFileCabinet’s document management system, you’ll have the cash flow, productivity, efficiency, and confidence to merge the above two items in an ostentatious way, if you so desire. Just check out the image below to see what we mean. money toilet paper