Paperless Software Pricing the Same Regardless of Cloud or On-Premise Versions

LEHI, Utah (PRWEB)—October 14, 2014


eFileCabinet, Inc., a leading document management software for SMBs, announces the introduction of one annualized subscription model regardless of online or on-premise software storage. Whether customers choose to download their software to their local computer or access eFileCabinet Online, there is now a single pricing structure, which includes a total of 3 pricing plans to choose from.

“Our software history, like many others, started out with paying an upfront price to download our software. With our SasS-based products and the need to accommodate growing customer needs, we are excited to provide one subscription pricing model, even if our customers still want to download and manage their eFileCabinet software locally,” said Matt Peterson, president and CEO for eFileCabinet. “We have found that customers love the combination of software control while not having to front-load their investment cost. Our goal has always been to provide superior products to the paper-heavy, compliance-bound small to medium-sized business. We also lead in innovative pricing models that help cash flow management and profits. What business leader doesn’t want more cash or profits?”

eFileCabinet provides cutting-edge paperless software products and services that enable companies to capture, store, manage, share, and protect valuable data while helping them meet regulatory compliance requirements from governing bodies such as HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, GLBA and others. eFileCabinet’s document management software, file storage, and sharing services can be hosted on a company’s local network or as software-as-a-service (SaaS) via the Cloud.


About eFileCabinet, Inc.

eFileCabinet offers a suite of document management software and file-sharing products and services to help businesses and organizations work quicker, smarter, and more collaboratively. With more than 12 years in the document management software industry, eFileCabinet,, is the trusted choice for over 126,000 users worldwide to store, protect, and share their valuable and confidential data.