Setting the bar in government document management software, eFileCabinet for Government has helped state and local government offices increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer service by managing their paper processes with our innovative technology. EDM solutions produce positive results in any government department including public administration, citizen services, accounting and human resources.

Document Storage & Management

Government offices are legally required to store and manage substantial amounts of data. From meeting agendas to maps, drawings and permits, storage space is at a premium and immediate document access is imperative. eFileCabinet provides a simple to use, cost effective system to streamline your document storage and management challenges. Paper documents are scanned, stored and managed digitally, dramatically reducing costs and improving service.

Meeting the Demands

Responding to staff and citizen inquiries for instant access to public records is a daunting task. Citizens and staff expect rapid response. Full text searching and intuitive document location tools in eFileCabinet save time searching on network drives and constant trips to the filing cabinet. Plus, multiple users in multiple locations have the ability to access, update, manage and distribute documents simultaneously. eFileCabinet’s government document management software helps you work smarter, quicker and more collaboratively.

Protect your Budget

Like most government offices, your copy and supplies budget wears thin really quickly. Are you running out of dollars before the next fiscal year begins? Deploying eFileCabinet to electronically manage paper documents can help you realize true cost savings by dramatically reducing the need for copy and filing supplies.

Just a few of the additional benefits you’ll realize by implementing eFileCabinet in your government office:

  • Constant trips to the filing cabinet for information are eliminated.
  • Documents are stored in a central repository with permissions and access determined by you.
  • Dramatically reduce costs of paper, toner, supplies and storage facilities.
  • Instant document access – multiple users, simultaneously.
  • Documents are protected from natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Maintain security and confidentiality.
  • Improve service and response.

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