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Go Paperless With Cloud-Based Document Management to Save Money, Increase Efficiency, and Boost Security

Going green isn’t just good for the environment. In some cases it can save you money, increase efficiency, and bolster your security. Going paperless is one such example, and incorporating a Cloud-based document management system can get you there.

Companies like eFileCabinet offer Cloud-based and desktop document management systems as well as document sharing with eSign capabilities. You can capture, manage, and protect important files all in one secure and easy-to-use location.

With a service like this, there are no more physical file cabinets and you can reduce printing and faxing to the bare minimum, all of which can save time and money.

“Going paperless is not only better for the environment, it saves companies money and allows them access to files anytime, anywhere as well as the ability to give immediate access to clients and colleagues through document sharing,” says eFileCabinet President and CEO Matt Peterson.

With the cost of document management software going down all the time, having a paperless office can be an easy leap to make. Obviously, saving on paper and space is a big savings for most offices. What else can you do with paperless office software?

With eFileCabinet, you’re getting document-level indexing, full-text search (OCR), systematic file versioning, the ability to drag and drop files from any program source, role-based permission groups, audit tracking to meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and SEC/FINRA, and workflow and document retention.

With everything secure and encrypted in the paperless office software, you ensure privacy and confidentiality. You can transfer files from employee to employee with ease and peace of mind.