eFileCabinet is on a mission to help your business function more efficiently and waste less of its time and resources. In honor of Earth Day today, we want to share with you some other great ways to waste less, conserve resources, and go green. These tips are all easy-to-implement ideas, and every little action you take to live in a more sustainable way helps.

Turn off the lights!

When possible, turn off the lights and allow natural lighting to be your source of light indoors. Consider purchasing LED bulbs or installing light dimmers to reduce energy, and make sure to turn the lights off when not in immediately necessary or in use.

Change your drinking habits

Start using re-usable glasses and water bottles instead of plastic water bottles that get tossed away after one use. You can also consider using a tap filter instead of drinking bottled water.

Keep your space alive with plants

Indoor plants are both beautiful and functional. They can reduce carbon dioxide within the home and office, and help clean the air.



Instead of tossing that plastic bottle into the garbage, toss it into the recycle bin. When your business shreds documents, use a shredding company that recycles the paper.

Reuse waste in a creative way

There’s more than one way to recycle. Instead of throwing away old jars, scraps, and plastics, find ways to get creative with them! Use an old egg carton to store jewelry, create wrapping paper out of old newspapers, or turn old plastic and glass jars into little planters for small plants. There is no limit to your creativity!

Don’t toss old office supplies!

Many companies and supply stores have recycling programs and even offer discounts to people who bring in things to recycle such as ink and toner cartridges, old technology such as phones or laptops, and even companies like Crayola will recycle used markers.


Utilize alternative transportation

Avoid putting more toxins and pollution into the air by carpooling, using public transportation, riding your bike, or walking when you can. Even implementing this just a little more frequently into your routine can make a huge difference.


Eliminate paper

By subscribing to digital communications, utilizing email instead of written letters, and creating and storing digital documents rather than paper copies, you can reduce your paper waste significantly.

There are tons of ways to make small changes that can have a big impact on our earth and help promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Fill out the form below to see how eFileCabinet can help you and your business be more sustainable.