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eFileCabinet Document Management Software

Funeral Homes

Electronic document management is a fundamental component for funeral homes today. Families and prospective clients require rapid response service and access to their information. Having to physically store and retrieve documents becomes time consuming and problematic, particularly as your business grows and the volume of documents increases. eFileCabinet is the trusted solution for thousands of funeral homes nationwide.

Your mission is to provide professional services to individuals grieving lost loved ones. But unfortunately, if you’re like most funeral homes, much time is spent filing, storing, and retrieving paper.

You have multiple file cabinets, maybe even rooms or off-site locations full of documents, occupying valuable and expensive real estate. When you need to find something—genealogy information, contracts, employee files, merchandise orders, or data required by Federal regulators—panic ensues as you dig through files, uttering, “Now where is that document?!” Time spent looking for misplaced paperwork equals money out of your pocket and time away from serving your customers.

eFileCabinet is the SOLUTION. Let us help you save time, space, money, and headaches, as we help you simplify processes, regain valuable work space, reduce clutter, and more!

There’s never been a better time to consider going paperless, or to change to the best Document Management System on the market. Whether you prefer an on-premise or in-the-Cloud solution, eFileCabinet 2015 will make your life easier. And, we understand the specific needs of funeral homes.  Hundreds have successfully reduced their paperwork.

“With eFileCabinet, my office is better organized. I am still in the process of cleaning up the piles and clearing out file cabinets of papers that are being scanned and organized into eFileCabinet, but the difference is already awesome. I have found that I am saving an average of about 5 hours per week in time I was spending searching for documents.”
Dennis Bounds, CPA

eFileCabinet Helps Funeral Homes Manage:

  • Funeral Register Books

  • Index Cards

  • General Price Lists

  • Pre/At-Need Contracts

  • Death Certificate Receipts

  • Autopsies

  • Decedents Legal Name Form

  • Cremation Forms

  • Designation of Intentions

  • File forms for insurance, pensions, social security, union and veteran benefits

  • License renewal cards

  • Complaints/investigation

  • Invoices

  • Employee Records

  • Taxes

  • and more . . .

How eFileCabinet Can Improve Your Healthcare Business

Poor document management means unnecessary chaos, poor service perception, and cost to your business. You won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless!

Don’t pile your paperwork in file cabinets—store your data in eFileCabinets. Protect your customers and your business from risk—use the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available.

eFileCabinet offers the top rated client portal SecureDrawer. With a 256-bit encryption it can be assured that sensitive personal health information will not be disclosed to anyone that it shouldn’t be. The speed of SecureDrawer will aid in the process of updating documents and records for the funeral homes, ensuring customer satisfaction with the ease of paperwork, which there is no shortage of. When done through eFileCabinet, the process can become paperless, adding to the simplicity and ease of the funeral process.

“We originally looked into obtaining a document management system in order to go as paperless as possible. We have been delighted with eFileCabinet. Since its implementation, we have drastically reduced our storage bills since we can now scan and destroy the files. It has also given us the ability to email secured files to our clients, which our clients are very happy with.”
Mary P. Gannet, LaMarco, Baron, Orbuch & Co LLP

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