More than two months after its release,

eFileCabinet 5.0

is proving to be a remarkable improvement on all fronts. If you’re still using version 4.0, here are 4 good reasons to make the leap to 5.0.

  1. Security: v5.0 is our most secure offering yet. Security standards have been raised, including the demand for Host Identity Protocol Compliance. You will be expected to become HIP compliant, and version 5.0 gives you the latitude to do that.
  2. Speed: By switching from a Windows file structure to a database, we’ve increased eFileCabinet’s speed significantly. Search, retrieval, and browsing all now come lightning-quick.
  3. Search: With new document-level indexing, you can now search on multiple levels: drawer, folder, file, metadata, and full text. Find what you need more quickly and more simply.
  4. Usability: Take advantage of our new drag-and-drop interface, as well as Microsoft Office Add-Ins, Watched Folders, and Printing. Watched Folders allow you to pull documents from anywhere on your server directly to eFileCabinet without the use of a desktop scanner. In the new interface, we’ve also improved the file management system, so that there are no longer limitations on the number of files you can keep in one folder.

eFileCabinet 5.0 has already proved itself as an electronic document management force to be reckoned with. If you’re still using version 4.0, learn more about v5.0 here.