Leading document management software company continues to innovate how work gets done in commitment to helping employees focuson the work that benefits customers the most

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH (August 3, 2021) – eFileCabinet, a market leader in content management and workflow automation for midmarket teams, today announced the adoption of a new four-day workweek for its more than 100 worldwide employees, with no changes to compensation. This new work schedule will benefit employees, customers, and the environment as eFileCabinet continues to accelerate growth. Effective immediately, the Lehi, Utah headquarters will be open weekly Monday through Thursday.

Several in-depth research projects and pilot studies in Iceland, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States have repeatedly confirmed this modified workweek benefits employees’ physical and mental well-being. Employees who have participated in these previous studies reported better mental and physical health, as well as improved work-life balance.

For example, about 86 percent of Iceland’s workforce have either moved to shorter hours for the same pay or have the right to, according to a study from the Association for Sustainable Democracy in Iceland. The study reported that this has resulted in less stress and burnout among employees.

Improved employee outcomes are directly mapped to improved outcomes for customers, a key objective of this schedule change at eFileCabinet. Teams and companies who have implemented a four-day workweek report increased innovation, creativity, and productivity— core outcomes that will directly benefit eFileCabinet customers. In addition, improved employee retention will help support stable and durable relationships with customers.

Also, the modified workweek combined with a flexible remote work schedule is better for the environment, producing up to 18 percent less electricity usage, and slashing overall weekly commutes for employees by 50 percent or more.

“At eFileCabinet, we help our customers automate and secure repetitive, document-centric processes so they can focus on the work that matters most,” said Jesse Wood, eFileCabinet CEO. “This move to a four-day work week is consistent with that mission. We’re asking our employees to deliver the same outcomes they were producing in a five-day work week in four days, by focusing on the work that matters most to benefit our customers.”

The offices will be closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as typical US national holidays. And this new work schedule is being coupled with a robust, flexible work-from-anywhere policy that supports in-office, remote and hybrid working schedules. While the office will be closed Friday, customers will still be able to initiate customer support via live chat on Fridays.

The company will work to reduce or eliminate distractions, such as redundant meetings and too much email back-and-forth, Wood explained. With fewer distractions, every employee can focus efforts to ensure the company’s customers are successful.

Initial employee reaction has been very positive and focused on productivity improvements in service of the company’s customers.

  • “It will make us more productive than we ever have been. That extra day in the weekend is going to aid in our health emotionally and mentally.” – Jess Louizia, Customer Acquisition Manager
  • “This change is adding a new energy to our everyday pace while allowing us to also find that much needed work-life balance. As a mom in a high paced field of work, I love knowing I can balance quality time with my kids while having a career I love!” – Amber Oler, VP of Customer Success
  • “I think this will demonstrate the commitment to customer satisfaction by creating a healthy workspace with balancing personal and professional lifestyles.” – James Jordan, Customer Success Manager
  • “When eFileCabinet announced the transition to a four-day work week I was honestly in shock. I think it shows a lot of trust in the employees and overall will be a better experience for our clients. This change will allow myself to not only be more productive and driven during the week, but also allows me more time to spend with my son. Which is something I am extremely grateful for.” – Brittany Montgomery, Account Executive
  • “A company that is loved by its employees is typically a company that is also loved by its customers. eFileCabinet making the shift to a four-day work week not only makes our employees happy, but it creates a culture of efficiency that trickles down to the customer experience. We are super excited for what this change will mean for our company and the customers we serve.” – Josh Wood, Partnerships Manager

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