eFileCabinet is built on the principles of eliminating the unproductive and repetitive aspects of work to leave more time for the more important things, not just in business, but in life. It’s a virtue we want both our customers and employees to experience.

One of the ways we plan on living by this philosophy is by taking the bold initiative of transitioning our teams to a four-day work week, with no changes to compensation. Effective August 1, our Lehi, Utah headquarters will be open Monday thru Thursday.

By giving our employees an extra day to rest and take care of their personal lives, it will reduce stress and burnout. With this mindset, we fully anticipate this to benefit our customers as we focus our productivity on better service, better development, and overall better outcomes for our clients. 

This in no way means that customers will have difficulty receiving support on the days the office is closed. While the office will be closed Friday, customers will still be able to reach support via live chat on Friday. Premium support customers will still enjoy the same accessibility to support, and all customers will continue to have 24/7 access to countless support resources that can walk them through most issues.

eFileCabinet making the shift to a four-day workweek not only makes our employees happy, but it creates a culture of efficiency that trickles down to the customer experience.

​An added benefit coming soon are open office hours with our customer success team via weekly web meetings that all customers can attend to ask any question.

“At eFileCabinet, we help our customers automate and secure repetitive, document-centric processes so they can focus on the work that matters most,” said Jesse Wood, eFileCabinet CEO. “This move to a four-day work week is consistent with that mission. We’re asking our employees to deliver the same outcomes they were producing in a five-day work week in four days, by focusing on the work that matters most to benefit our customers.” 

The company will work to reduce or eliminate distractions, such as redundant or overly long meetings and too much email back-and-forth, Wood explained. With fewer distractions, every employee can focus efforts to ensure the company’s customers are successful.

“I think it shows a lot of trust in the employees of eFC and overall will be a better experience for our clients,” said Brittany Montgomery, Account Executive. “This change will allow myself to not only be more productive and driven during the week, but also allows me more time to spend with my son, which is something I am extremely grateful for.” 

eFileCabinet’s team members are confident this benefit to work-life balance will directly benefit outcomes for customers.

“A company that is loved by its employees is typically a company that is also loved by its customers,” said Josh Wood, Partnerships Manager. “eFileCabinet making the shift to a four-day workweek not only makes our employees happy, but it creates a culture of efficiency that trickles down to the customer experience. We are super excited for what this change will mean for our company and the customers we serve.”

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