Forbes covered eFileCabinet in 2017 with the article, U.S. Tax Season: What Accountants Should Take to The Trenches To Survive & Thrive. We are grateful for Roger Aitken’s thoughtful exposition of our cause, and how it positively impacts the accounting market.

The article also mentions eFileCabinet customer and evangelist, Gloria Hill.

eFileCabinet began as a tool for accountants to digitally store their information way back in 2001. Now it’s evolved into a solution deserving this press over 15 years later—signifying huge jumps in innovation and incredible development work.

If anything, this coverage commemorates the commitment eFileCabinet has given to its accounting users, yet also doing so without sacrificing innovation needed in other industry-specific roles.

Since 2001, eFileCabinet has expanded to fill document management needs in construction, property management, insurance, financial services, real estate, human resources, and services.

Essentially, any industry in which time is sold in the form of expertise proffers the same benefits accountants receive with the eFileCabinet document management system. Although Forbes only covers eFileCabinet in the accounting context, the efficiency document management systems offer professionals in any sales or service-intensive profession lend the same benefits. That’s the prerogative for eFileCabinet in 2017.

Moving forward, eFileCabinet will strive to carve out deeper niches among its existing user base, but also contribute thought leadership for the digital revolution in the form of software development.

As mentioned in the article, anyone asking for information pertaining to their account via telephone, email, or even in-person expects a quick response—consumers have become more demanding than ever, and expediency is one of the most heralded ways of keeping customers coming back for more.

In a world that can’t stop moving, eFileCabinet keeps knowledge workers up-to-speed with the times—times hell-bent on optimizing supply-side economics in every nook and cranny imaginable, and only through as many dollars as necessary. As business becomes increasingly competitive on domestic and international scale, document management news will continue to secure first-rate coverage among highly revered publications like Forbes.

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