Any company working in the field of Human Resources will find that there are many benefits to going paperless. Working from the Cloud instead of using paper documents helps make work faster, more secure, and more efficient than it would be otherwise. Following are 5 important benefits of using a paperless document management system.

Saved Money
Using paperless storage saves a business the cost of purchasing filing cabinets and renting or leasing additional storage space. As established companies with a great many documents have found, transferring to Cloud storage can save thousands of dollars a year.

Better Organization
Even the best filing system cannot match the organizational options and capabilities offered by online document storage software. Paperless storage enables you to sort files by name, type, date modified, and many other criteria. It is also extremely easy to find any given file on the Cloud at any time.

Improved Security
A good Cloud storage website will always have a high level of security, not just for stored files but also for files being moved or copied from storage to a business computer and vice versa. Online security is much more secure than a simple padlock or combination lock and will protect your valuable information from being accessed by an unauthorized third party. It is also much easier to change the password for an internet-based storage site than it is to change a physical locking system on a filing cabinet.

Ease of Access
Anyone who is authorized to access documents stored online can do so from anywhere in the world. What is more, a mobile device makes it easy for a person to view important files on the go. Storing files online also makes it easy for a business to work in collaboration with branch offices and/or independent contractors located in a different city or even a different country.

Loss Prevention
It is all too easy for paper documents to be lost or damaged in a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake, fire, hurricane, or tornado. However, documents stored on the Cloud cannot be harmed by any of the above-mentioned disasters. If your business has important files that you cannot afford to lose, then keeping a copy of these files online is highly recommended. While you may still need to store paper copies of these documents, you can rest assured that they will not be gone forever if disaster strikes.

Any human resource company that is looking to increase efficiency and save a considerable amount of money will find that a paperless document management system is the best option. Such a system is secure, easy to organize and update, and surprisingly affordable. In fact, a company can even upgrade or downgrade the amount of online storage spaced used as needed, as most online storage companies offer convenient packages that make it easy to adjust storage space without having to move or copy files. Overall, you just cannot lose by making the move to a paperless office system.