eFileCabinet For Fishbowl

Welcome, Fishbowl User!

Fishbowl and eFileCabinet have teamed up, and we couldn’t be more excited. This partnership brings together two powerful organizational tools that allow businesses to manage their inventory more effectively and reduce their paper burden. Combining these two tools in your business just became even better with our new Fishbowl integration which allows users to seamlessly transfer their Fishbowl data directly into eFileCabinet at the click of a button.

Are you ready to go Paperless?

You are already using Fishbowl’s inventory management solution to manage your inventory, orders and customers. Now imagine having less paper work and a more efficient operation because you can scan all of these documents into digital files and securely manage them with robust features like full-text search, workflow routing, document retention, and advanced security. That’s just a taste of what eFileCabinet can do for you in conjunction with Fishbowl. Best of all, both programs seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks!

eFileCabinet Desktop-Smart Document Management

eFileCabinet Desktop is designed as a client/server document management software that you download right to the computers in your office. All files are stored on your local server so everyone in your organization has access to company documents.

eFileCabinet Features:

  • Intuitive & User-friendly Program Interface
  • Document level indexing and full text search (OCR)
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Seamless Integration with MS Office Programs
  • Advanced Security
  • Document Retention
  • Systematic file versioning
  • Workflow document routing
  • Role based permission groups and audit tracking to help meet regulatory requirements

Join the over 123,000 users of eFileCabinet and start going paperless now.