I Feel Limited by the Traditional Office Environment

Traditional office work can prevent you from doing your work as efficiently as you like. Finding the right technology offers limitless possibilities on finding operational efficiency.

Here’s how you can extend the capabilities of your office environment with eFileCabinet:

Intuitive UI

Navigating from file to file is a breeze. Everything is laid out in a clear, organized manner with a document view that displays all relevant features.

Documents Available (and Safe) Anywhere

More and more teams are switching to remote work models. eFileCabinet allows you to work effectively from anywhere in the world. Everyone has access to the same documents that are updated in real time. Plus, they always stay secure. No matter what.

Up to 5TB of Storage

Imagine walking through a maze of 1,300 filing cabinets in your office. Rubex can store that much information in one easy-to-use platform. We can even work with you if you think you’ll need more storage space.


Portfolios are like a bookmark for documents or files that you are consistently going back to. They are still in the same place so your coworkers can find them but offer you access to them with the click of a button.

Mobile Access

Rubex is available on mobile devices to extend the range of possible office work. You can sign a document with a touchscreen, upload a document with just a picture, and view the document when you don’t have access to a computer.