Security & Compliance

From two-factor authentication to password complexity, manage and control how your documents are accessed. These tools are built to help you stay compliant and prepare your records for audits.

Role-based Permissions

Administrators of a system can set up access permissions based on user groups, making it easier to grant access to locations only to authorized users. Permissions ensure the only people allowed to access certain documents are the ones who are authorized.

Customized Security

Different companies and industries require different access controls for their records. Admins can decide the level of security required for users to enter the system. These controls include two-factor authentication, password complexity, login times, IP address restrictions, and more.


When sharing files with parties outside the organization, many compliance standards require some level of encryption during transfer. eFileCabinet utilizes bank-level 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption standards.


Set the rules regarding the lifespan of individual documents or groups. Retention rules allow you to determine what happens when its retention deadline is met. Documents that require levels of indelibility and integrity can be locked from deletion or editing.

Audit Trail

For easy auditing processes, Rubex keeps a consistent audit log of all users and actions that happen in the system. This log can be filtered and exported as a document to share with auditors. Individual documents also have a version history that can be viewed.