Stay on top of file structure, file naming, and file storing so it always remains consistent. Create a file structure based on your business’s needs. Save time and never lose a file again.

Full Text Search

Optical character recognition (OCR) means your uploaded files have nowhere to hide. Search using terms from within the document itself. Dozens of other search options means you’re going to find what you’re looking for.

Folder Templates

Organize your document management system your way, and never do the same work twice. Templates allow you to craft and reuse your ideal folder structure, along with the necessary security permissions, automation rules, and governance.

Missing Item Search

For those that need to ensure that files are complete, you can search different locations for missing documents. Incomplete records can be displayed so you know what work is left to do.


Individual users can save their most used documents and folders in their exclusive portfolios. When you frequently access a document, give yourself a shortcut to access it in just a few clicks.

Saved Searches

Complicated search requests can be saved so you can return to the same search results as frequently as needed, saving you more time.