I Want to Provide My Clients with an Excellent Experience

Companies in every industry face the same problem. How do I improve client retention? One pain-free way to improve the client experience is by simplifying their lives with a Document Management System.

Here’s how eFileCabinet can help your clients to have an excellent experience:

Secure Sharing

Sending confidential documents through email attachments leaves you at the mercy of the email provider’s security. Rubex shares files within its system so they’re guaranteed to be safe. Your clients will breathe a sigh of relief knowing their confidential information will always be secure. changed frequently.


Signing a document has never been easier. Clients can sign any document electronically with Knowledge-based Authentication and One Time Passcode options to make it secure.

Document Requests

Are you missing one last essential document from your client? With a document request, your client can easily upload the document where you have access to it.

Form Fill

Your clients can finish up any and all paperwork from the comfort of their homes with the Form Fill feature. You can request that they fill out a text box, signature, date, checkbox, or initials with just the click of a button.


Connect with your clients by providing a branded portal where they can review important documents. The custom branding will make it more credible for your clients.